Battle of the Pixels

Glissandi strings matched to arcing camera movement is a Hollywood staple, used to heighten moments of dramatic significance. More recently, physical camera shots have been replaced by CGI swoops and dives, so that the point
of view in many action films is akin to something only a bird in flight might see. Battle of the Pixels uses the dynamics of the orchestral flourishes of an extract from the soundtrack to The Battle of Britain (1969) to provide the reference points for the skewing of an image of a Kent field. The distortions create a sense of flight, mirroring the aerial acrobatics of the original film’s cinematography. Loose asynchronism here is more akin to Eisenstein style contrapuntalism, with a degree of verticality added to the horizontal.

Screened as part of One Minute Hull Artists’ Moving Image Festival, Hull, UK (2015).