CV Philip Sanderson

Solo Exhibitions
2009: No Particular Place to Go, Memorial Gallery, Hastings, UK.
2002: On Some Faraway Beach, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Hastings, UK.
2002: Boating for Beginners, Pump House Gallery, London, UK.
1997: Overheard Overhead, The Vestry, London, UK.
1996: Somewhere over England, Conductors' Hallway, London, UK.

Group Exhibitions and Screenings
2011: 'Hand Held', Iota Salon, The iota Center, Los Angeles, USA.
2010 - 2011: 'No Visible Means of Support' & 'Time Travel' (by Philip Sanderson & Sam Renseiw) touring as part of One Minute Volume 4 screened at: The Horse Hospital, London, UK. Crouch End Open, London, UK. Prism S1, Sheffield, UK. Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany. The Big Screens in Liverpool and Manchester, UK. Ukrainian art festival. Ukraine. Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France. The Showroom Cinema, London, UK. Stew Gallery, Norwich, UK. Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK.
2010: 'Product Recall'. Cog Collective, Melbourne, Australia.
2009: 'Quadrangle', Visual Music Marathon, New York, USA.
2009: 'Fleshtones', Iota Salon, The iotaCenter, Los Angeles, USA.
2009: 'Kisser', The BAck door, Melbourne, Australia.
2008: 'Landfill', London International Animation Festival, London, UK.
2008 - 2009: 'Kisser', touring as part of One Minute Volume 2 screened at: Gallery Space, Cow Lane Studios, Salford, UK. The Big Screen, Hull, UK. Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France. Red Gallery, Hull, UK. Roxy Nod, Prague, Czech Republic. Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany. Artprojx Space, London, UK. EXP24, Victoria Hotel, UK.
2007: Neither Here Nor There, video performance (with Steven Ball as Storm Bugs)
The Foundry, London, UK.
2007: 'Engine Trouble', Camera Obscura, Chipendale, Australia.
2007 - 2008: 'Jiggery Pokery', touring as part of One Minute Volume 1 screened at: Cog Collective, London, UK. Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany. Roxy Nod, Prague, Czech Republic.
2007: 'Quadrangle', Visual Music Marathon, Boston, USA.
2007: 'Head of Steam', Magmart Tour, Naples, Italy.
2006: 'Engine Trouble', 'Fleshtones', JIggery Pokery', Cog Collective, London, UK.
2006: 'Quadrangle', Lumen, Leeds, UK.
2006: 'Engine Trouble', Video Under Volcano, Naples, Italy.
2005: 'A Rooco Din', Berlin Videonale, Berlin, Germany.
2005: 'Row Row', Videolisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.
2005: 'A Rooco Din', 291 Gallery, London, UK.
2005: A Rooco Din, Exploding Cinema, London, UK.
2005: 'Wood Green', 'Quadrangle', Prog ME, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2005: 'Quadrangle', Island Art Film & Video Festival, London, UK.
2004: 'A Rooco Din', Lux Exposure, London, UK.
2004: 'Notice Board', Hat on Wall, London, UK.
2001: 'Moderate with Fog Patches', Wordplay, Q Arts, Derby, UK.
2000: 'The Improbability Calculator', Spectrum, Turtle Arts, Nottingham, UK.
1999: 'Phantom Power', Letting the Days go by, MOTA, London, UK.
1998: 'Home Video', Baffle, Camerawork, London, UK.
1997: 'Hot Seat' & 'Phantom Power', Glow, Walsall art Gallery, Walsall, UK.
1997: 'If O became E', Conductors' Hallway, London, UK.
1995: 'Hot Seat', South London Gallery Open, London, UK.
1992: 'Shadowman', New Media Festival Osnabruck, Osnabruck, Germany.
1992: 'Shadowman', London Film Festival, London, UK
1988 -1990: 'Hangway Turning' & 'Green on the Horizon' (with Steven Ball).
Note: these last two pieces had over thirty screenings at venues including the Tate, ICA, Osnabruck, and the Piccadilly Film Festival.

Electronic Music ( See Discography for full details)
2009: Carriage Return, web release on Mutant Sounds.
2008: 'Car Situations (Nasal Passage)' by Storm Bugs (Philip Sanderson & Steven Ball) released on the compilation, Messthetics Greatest Hiss CD.
2007: Supplementary Benefit, Storm Bugs LP - on Vinyl on Demand.
2006: Snatch Paste, Compilation LP - on Vinyl on Demand.
2005: Seal Pool Sounds, Philip Sanderson CD - on Seal Pool.
2004: Up the Middle Down The Sides, Storm Bugs LP - on Fusetron.
2003: 'For Internal Use Only', Storm Bugs, on CD compilation on Adverse Effects.
2002: 'Offshore' (Philip Sanderson/David Jackman) CD - on Robot Records.
2002: Reprint, Philip Sanderson CD - on Anomalous Records.
2002: 'Terrain' (Philip Sanderson/David Jackman) 10-inch - on Die Stadt.
2001: Let's Go Outside and Get it Over, Storm Bugs CD - on Snatch Tapes.

Reviews of Work
Sound Projector: Up the Middle and Seal Pool Sounds (2005)
Sound Projector: Reprint (2004)
The Wire: Reprint (2003)
The Wire: Terrain (2003)
Sound Projector: Let's Go Outside and Get it over (2002)
Time Out: Overheard Overhead (1997)
Art Monthly: Somewhere over England (1996)
Art Monthly: If we can sparkle he may land tonight (1996)

2009: Railway special, Sound Projector special for Resonance FM (with Ed Pinsent).
2008: Voice Box, Sound Projector special for Resonance FM (with Ed Pinsent).
2006: Screen Dump, Cog Collective, London, UK.
2000: John Jordan, Consuming Desire, Camerawork, London, UK.
1999: Scheufler & Heiss, Fit For Fun, Camerawork, London, UK.
1999: Fiona Crisp, Still Films, Camerawork, London, UK.
1998: Baffle, Camerawork, London, UK.
1998: Gustav Metzger is my Dad, Camerawork, London, UK.
1998: Second Nature, Pump House/Battersea Park, London, UK. (Co-curation with Alex Burt).

Freelance reviewer for art Monthly from 1994-97
r. warren/g. gussin/f. stapleton (34/186)
Richard Deacon/Thomas Schutte (34/188)
Ideal Standard Summertime (37/189)
Jacqueline Poncelet (31/190)
Ken Lum (31/192)
David Griffiths (32/193)
Anna and Bernhard Blume (32/193)
The Impossible Science of Being (32/193)
Markus Hansen (27/195)
John Frankland (26/197)
Julian Opie (25/198)
New Contemporaries (40/199)
also ...articles for Independent Media magazine and film notes/reviews for the Experimental section of the London Film Festival

2009-Present: Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University

2003-09: Visiting lecturer at Birkbeck College and Hastings College of Art & Technology
1997-2001: Director and Curator at Camerawork Gallery & Darkroom
1995-97: Freelance Reviewer. for Art Monthly (see above)
1990-91: Chair of London Filmmakers Co-op board

MA in Fine Art from Kingston University
PGCHE from London South Bank University