Archive Projects
"By the time you read this...I shall be faraway..."
Mock up for a time based T-shirt.

Proposal for an anamorphic artwork for the Bethune Way underpass Hastings.


Knights in White Satin
A piece of fine wedding satin lifts, separates and changes shape, performing a slow sensuous dance that suggests both the sexy and the slapstick.Exhibited at: SANA open studios (2001).

Buy British Art
Part of the Collectables show at the Conductors' Hallway, the destination on the front of the Routemaster is Boundary Rd, whilst the back of the bus tells us that it has come from a certain college in Lewisham Way. Exhibited at: The Conductors' Hallway (1998).

Rock N Roll Heart
Celebrating abandonment to hedonistic pleasure. As the turntable spins backwards then forwards, so the mannequin's head swishes from side to side, her blond hair hanging for a brief moment as the turntable pauses, before brushing back across her face.

No Ping Pong
A table tennis game dissected and automated. Exhibited at the Whitechapel Open (1994) and at the Metro Cinema, London (1994).

Green on the Horizon
By Philip Sanderson & Steven Ball
A young woman is given a series of tape recorded instructions to a shifting marshlandscape in which narrative expectations are aroused and then left pointedly unfulfilled. Screenings include: Piccadilly film Festival (1988), Leicester Film & Video Festival (1990) and as part of the Electric Eyes package, the Tate, ICA, Aberdeen art Gallery, Video Brazil, MIMA Melbourne, Metro Cinema Derby, Phoenix Cinema Leicester, Wien Medienwerkstadtt, Wide Angle Birmingham.

Click here for a QuickTime extract.

Hangway Turning
Having successfully negotiated her wayacross the marshes, our elusive protege returns to Bluebell Hill and camps out in the undergrowth avoiding the probing investigations of psychic researcher Thomas Cubitt.
Screenings include: Leicester Film & Video Festival (1990) New Media Festival Osnabruck (1990), MIMA Australia, Exploding Cinema (1991), Clapham & Battersea Film Workshop (1991), Lighthouse Film & Video Brighton (1990), GLA Showcase (1990).Click here for a QuickTime extract.